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Jane has Magic Fingers
Jane has a lovely way of finding the right places that need work. It was such a relaxing and helpful treatment. I look forward to the next one.                                    April

Jane has magic fingers! I am totally de-stressed...I'm flying like a little angel!                                               Tenna

Blissfully relaxed and energised
What a way to start the weekend! Blissfully relaxed and energised. Thank you Jane.                                              Jan
Fantastic                                                                                Del

After one Shiatsu treatment my neck pain was cleared.'                                                                                               Keith
'Another lovely massage with Jane. I had a lovely warm flowy feeling afterwards. Felt completely relaxed.'   Pam

'I am profoundly dyslexic and I find Jane's work clears blocks from my past were certain parts of written language has been blocked or lost and forges new connections. For example, certain letters I have never joined up I am now joining up when writting by hand.'
Emma Elliott 
I don't think I've ever relaxed like that in my whole life.
This is the first time for months I've had no pain. No-one has been able to do that for me. This is the safest I've felt with any therapist.                                                  Sally Field
The massage you gave me really helped me sleep. I went to bed at 8 and woke up at 8 the following morning!
The treatment on my calves stopped the terrible night cramps. That night's sleep was the best I'd had in ages.
The difference has been large and what you've done for me has changed my entire attitude toward myself and the choices I'm making in my life, so thank you.
Matt Hughes 
You have very knowledgable hands. Professor A Drucker
You had just the right mixture of strong touch to get all those deep spots & smoothing relaxing strokes that made me feel 'all joined up.'                                        Eileen
I've had quite a few massages over a number of years, I must be an expert. Yours are sheer and utter bliss. I feel totally relaxed.                                                                Karen
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"Jane has such a caring and positive approach to her work.  Her skill and professionalism have helped me enormously.
I had suffered a fairly severe injury and needed to use crutches.  I went to Jane hoping for relief from the pain in my shoulders caused by using the crutches.  Jane managed to work on my whole body, including the very painful areas to alleviate the symptoms and aid the healing process.
I had received physiotherapy previously and had gone away from each session in more pain and often in tears thinking I would never get better.  After Jane’s treatment I went away refreshed and relaxed, the pain was diminished and I felt positive and so much better.
Jane significantly speeded up my recovery."   Kim Phillips

"We have a result!!!! What ever you did last week has transformed me!!!!!!! 
I have had virtually no pain. I am not walking with a limp. I am able to sleep comfortably on both sides at night. 
I feel steady on my feet, the two halves of my body feel connected and are working together. 
I am striding out and I have a bounce in my walk again. 
I can get up and down the stairs almost with ease and strength.
 And the other night when I was baby sitting I had to scoop Jack, who is quite a big boy now, out of my bed, with that deep heavy, sleep weight and carry him down some stairs, along a landing and up some more stairs, finally laying him down in his own, much lower bed. I managed to do that easily!!!!! 
That is the real test. There is no way I would have been able to do that prior to your last session. 
I am so delighted!"                                             Jenny Charles

Thank you Jane, your massage was just what I needed, just the right touch and energy - not only did you hit the spot you got me so relaxed and refreshed all over.      Jono 

Since attending Jane's Shiatsu clinic at 'Hit the Spot' for relief of quite severe pain in my knee joint, particularly when walking, I am delighted to report that the outcome has been successful.
Prior to the visit I tried alternative treatment and visited my GP who suggested physiotherapy exercises. Nothing seemed to work and I was concerned that an operation might be necessary.
Thank you Jane for providing such a positive and stress free outcome for my knee; I am now able to walk the dog free of pain.'                                                                  Vivienne 
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