Shiatsu Treatment

Shiatsu Stretch
 Meridian Massage
Meridian Massage Upper Back Pressure Point

Thermal Image Showing Healing Energy as Heat
Hot healing hand
To  the right, the sink pedestal is dark blue (coldest) with the water heater above it pink (cool). My client's feet are also pink (cool) with orange (warmer) legs. 

To the left, my body is yellow (hot) and the healing energy coming from my hands and covering my client's body is white (hottest)

Luxuriously Soft Fluffy Towels

Luxury towels from The White Company

Be completely cocooned in the softest, largest, best quality towels from The White Company as a Meridian Massage melts the stress away.
Supportive and Rebalancing

Travelling the energy pathways of the body, Shiatsu can connect when you feel disjointed; restore vitality if you feel at a low ebb; release the physical, mental or emotional tension you may be carrying. 

Wear comfortable clothes (as for yoga.)
Realigning and Freeing

Reminds tight muscles how to relax and encourages weaker muscles to engage more fully so your body can move more easily without causing you pain. (Available as part of a Shiatsu treatment or prior to a Massage)

Blissful and restorative 

The smooth luxury of oil massage blended with the meditative focus, meridian energy connection and acupressure points of Shiatsu.
Instantly relaxing, this massage will transport you to an experience of deep peace and inner connection.

Press Pause 
Seated Shiatsu
Curious whether Shiatsu could work for you? 
Are you on a budget? 
Juggling work and childcare - no time left for you?

Great for headaches and neck tension, stiff shoulders and arthritic hands, ask for a 'Press Pause' Seated taster experience and see how different you feel.

Light Body Connection

Connect with your 'Heaven Star' and 'Earth Star', the portals in your energy field above your Crown chakra and below your feet.

Bring in Infinite Yin and Infinite Yang of the Universal Energy Field into your Heart Star, your body's cells and your meridian energy system.

Images or a sense of particular qualilties of energy in the Star portals can be helpful for personal development.

Be Here Now
Clear disempowerment and release energies that are not yours. 
Reclaim your energy and empowerment. 
Whether you have experienced shock, trauma, loss or stress, discover a fuller ability to Be Here Now. 
By clearing energies that are not yours and not helpful to you, and recalling your lost or split personal energy with the Whole Presence Protocol you can feel more bright and alive, more calm and free, more You!

Call or email me with your questions, or to make an appointment. 

Mobile: 07518 587434



Athletic oil blend soothes and revitalises.

Calendula  for soothing chapped, rough, dry skin.

Invigorating oil blend gently uplifts, revives and refreshes.

Muscle and Joint oil blend is warming and deeply penetrating.

PMT oil  blend for balance and easing the stress which can cause pain during Moon Times.

Pure Pleasure for relaxing, calming and balancing mind and body.

Grapeseed oil with lavender and lemon pure essential oils. 

Plain Grapeseed oil is always available.  

Frankincense and Rose Shea Butter for chapped skin and the soles of the feet. 

First Consultation and Treatment
90 minutes £60 
Continuing Support Session
60 minutes £50
Press Pause Seated Shiatsu
Ideal for pamper evenings
15 Minute Seated Shiatsu £15

Meridian Massage
From Stress to Serenity 90 Minute £60
Restore and Revive 60 Minute £50
Pause and Release 30 Minute £40

Sotai is included as appropriate within a Shiatsu treatment or prior to a Massage.

Cancellation Policy
Please give at least 48 hours notice to reschedule or cancel your appointment.

Less than 24 hours notice incurs an administration fee of £20.