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Cancellation Policy
If you need to change your appointment for any reason please give me 48 hours notice.
Reschedule or cancellation with less than 24 hours notice incurs a £20 cancellation fee as my clinic room rent charges will still apply.

Personal Data - Use and Storage
The clinic notes I take are on paper and not transferred to digital storage.
I will keep your notes for at lease 7 years after your last treatment, in accordance with the requirements of my insurers, Balens Ltd.
Notes are kept in a locked cabinet.

If you would like to receive my clinic news, health tips and updates then your name and email address is included on a professional database, Mailchimp. Neither they nor I will share your details with any other person or company.

Your medical details will never be disclosed, with the exception of legally notifiable diseases (such as small pox or rabies.) In which case you would probably not be having a massage! If I refer you to another practitioner at Hits the Spot and you agree to treatment by them you may sign a Referral Form agreeing to allow the other practitioner to see my clinic notes on your medical case history and treatments received.