Bodywork for the 
Body-Mind-Spirit Conscious

Jane Prescott Shiatsu and Massage Therapist

 Shiatsu treatments and Meridian Massage 
  • A successful, stress-free solution to many health concerns such as arthritis pain and headaches.
  • Focuses on you and your wellbeing.
  • Works with you and your body's healing processes - no forcing, no painful exercises, no side-effects.  
 Rediscover the healing power of touch         
  • Nourish and support your body
  • Feel the weight of tension lifting 
  • Move more freely and with less pain
  • Feel deeply connected with yourself, body and soul
  • Release anxiety, stress and even trauma 
  • Feel revitalised and alive again
  • Switch off - amazingly deep relaxation
  • Feel cherished and nurtured

* Supports natural healing *Pain relief * Promotes         wellbeing * Relaxation * Releases tension *     

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You want Profound Shifts

You prioritise a healthy lifestyle and take responsibility for your welbeing. 

Whether that's practicing yoga, pilates or Tai Chi.

Maybe you choose a plant based diet, eat organic, even grow your own. 

You know that your physical health is inextricably linked with your thoughts and feelings. 

Perhaps you read Kindred Spirit magazine, Eckhart Tolle or A Course in Miracles. Apply mindfulness, visualisation, prayer or meditation in your daily life. 

You understand that your work-life balance, involvement with your community, sense of purpose and a healthy environment all play their part influencing your experience of life and health.

You want healthcare that meets you on ALL levels. That's:
            Physical and practical, that works!

            Empathic and emotionally nurturing.

            Spiritually sensitive and deeply connecting.

    Intuitive, inspired and transformational.
Celebrating 20 Years!
April 1996 - April 2016

Wondering how Shiatsu or Massage could help you?
    Call or email me with your questions, or to make an        appointment. 
    Mobile:      07518 587434
    Email:        prescottmassage@hotmail.co.uk
    Facebook:  Press Pause Shiatsu Massage 
    Blog:            http://presspauseshiatsumassage.blogspot.co.uk

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